Confrerie Ranks


This is the first step in the Confrérie du Sabre d’Or. The sabrage may be done in any Caveau or at any event attended by a Maître-Sabreur of the Order. The successful sabrage is honored with the Diplôme de Sabreur and a Certificate from the Caveau.


This title is bestowed at a Chapitre organized by the Embassy at a Caveau or at a Grand Chapitre in the USA or another foreign country, with a Confrérie embassy, and, particularly, at the Grand International Chapitre held in France, each year, on the third Saturday of November.
The Chevalier is honored with the Reliquaire de Chevalier and the Diplôme, as well as receiving a Commission from the US Ambassador.


This title is granted to a Chevalier-Sabreur who has completed five years and has perfected the Art by accomplishing the sabrage of a Magnum of Champagne.
The ceremony is carried out at a Chapitre arranged by the Embassy or at an International Chapitre. The Officier is honored with the Reliquaire d’Officier and the Diplôme and a new Commission.


This title is reserved for Officiers who have completed five years and receive the recommendation of the Ambassador and Council to the Grand Council.
The Commandeur will successfully sabrage a Jeroboam of Champagne and be invested by the Grand-Maître or his representative from the Grand Council and will receive the appropriate reliquaire and diplomas.

Grand Commandeur

This is the highest distinction of the Confrérie du Sabre d’Or. It is bestowed by the Grand-Maître upon a Commandeur who has given long and signal service to the Order.
The investiture is carried out at a Grand Chapitre and a Methusalem is sabraged by the new Grand Commandeur.